Amazon has changed Shopping. UBER has changed transportation. NOW, ServiceHerd is changing Advertising. Do you remember that huge yellow book? If you do, you know one thing…. It’s no longer printed. The world has been searching for a fair, friendly and transparent way to seamlessly connect with the providers they need. ServiceHerd has eliminated the middle man and this modern-day directory is now here. Quickly search, find and connect with the providers you need immediately.

ServiceHerd knows how important your privacy is. We promise you that there are no trackers, or tracers, and you won’t be distracted with a bunch of advertising.

Herd Rewards

“Your Herd” is any consumer or provider that signs up using your Herd Tag. They will be linked to you for the life of your active “ServiceHerd” account. Be rewarded monthly for doing something you do every day, referring trustworthy service providers from all industries to friends, family and your community on ServiceHerd. The more subscribed providers in “Your Herd” the more monthly rewards you will earn.

Herd Safety

First and foremost, it is the personal responsibility of every member to make common sense choices when choosing a service provider. As a member of ServiceHerd it is strongly recommended that you only endorse service providers that you personally know and trust.

Each Service Provider agrees that No person with a theft related conviction, sex related conviction, conviction for a crime violent in nature or a felony drug related conviction shall ever enter a residence or a place of business to perform any Services through the ServiceHerd platform.

Please be aware that a Service Providers background check is optional, but ServiceHerd will be displaying on their profile page as to who has or has not been background checked. Their profile page includes not only Herd reviews but other reviews they have received on other websites throughout their professional career.

The Herd will attempt to ensure that each “Service Provider” is up to date with their state-level licensing and has the proper insurance coverage for the work they are performing, but it is the responsibility of the consumer to request and confirm proper licenses and insurances.