About Us

Where Does the Name ServiceHerd come from?

Well… A flock just didn’t sound right, but a herd. Hell Yes! Think about a herd of cow. They have no enemies. They protect each other. The herd has a feeling of trust. There is no confrontations . What you see is what you get. Most important traits in life could be debatable, but we feel that trust and transparency top the list. Hence, ServiceHerd, Trust the Herd.

Convenience is the Key. That is Why

Convenience is the Key. Google wiped out the good ol’ yellow pages, but has become very…. Ah.. Crowded and difficult to filter through. Leaving messages and waiting. That’s not convenient. Waiting for one of these sites to send you who they feel is best for you. How about stop leaving voice messages and instead start engaging in a quick text chat getting your answers and problems solved with a click.